Friday, February 22, 2013

Exhibits To Furlong v. Solitron

To anyone who had questions as to the intent of Furlong in regards to Solitron, I just got some more information that may shed some light on the matter. There are a lot of interesting items in the following exhibits, such as how it appears that Furlong is seeking to replace both non-management board members of Solitron, leaving a newly expanded board to include present insider of Solitron Shevach Saraf (CEO, CFO, Chairman, etc) and outsiders Daniel Rudewicz, Ryan Morris (the 28 year old activist), Steven Kiel of Arquitos Capital and two other nominees.

As I eluded to yesterday: judgement should be withheld until more information is available.

Here are the exhibits:

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I and accounts that I manage are long shares of SODI. I reserve the right to change my/our position(s) at any time. This is nothing more than my opinion. You should always do a ton of your own research before even contemplating anything that I say, do, write, or so much as think about.

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