Friday, November 23, 2012

It's Blind Bank Valuation Time!

Are you sick of all these blind valuation posts that offer you nothing more than a set of numbers and goodwill if you post/email anything on them? Well, I have the best of the best blind valuation items for you... Not only is there no wrong answer (partly because we have no idea what the bank is trading for) but also because the best/most entertaining answer (potentially more, if I am feeling particularly generous) will get a prize! That's RIGHT!

Following are some numbers and graphs from a local bank that I use in my hometown- the info came from the pamphlet they left on their coffee table. The bank is not traded in the traditional markets, so this really is about the blindest of the blind valuations that you can find. Just for fun, lets try to put a value on it, with the little bit of info we have here...

Would you feel comfortable having money on deposit here? Would you want to borrow money from them? What is a profitable rate of interest for them to charge? Feel free to throw in any thoughts you may have on other items as well.

Thoughts? Email/comment them and I'll post the most compelling/entertaining cases (can be anonymous or not, your choice) in the next few days/week. If you email, send it to the name of this blog at

As if getting your brief thesis on my blog isnt enough (please detect a huge amount of sarcasm) I will give you further incentive and may send you a really good prize. I may send you a really bad one... but I will certainly send you something if you make the best case in any direction. I'll email you if you win the prize(s). It could range from a flask, to an old box pack of baseball cards, to some tool that I have found useful in the past, or maybe even book or a mini etch-a-sketch... Regardless, it will be a surprise and will be sure to brighten your day- kind of like a white elephant gift!

For the valuation, you get the following:

Discolsure/diclaimer: I have deposits and mortgage loans at this bank...

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