Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Solitron's EPA Agreement.

As was promised a long time ago, here are the results of the request using the Freedom Of Information Act that I filed in regard to Solitron's EPA agreement.

It's a decent read and doesn't restrict the repurchase of shares as had previously been suspected... as is known, the company has since repurchased a not insignificant amount of its shares. Hopefully, there will be much more of that to come in the near future.

Sodi Federal Epa

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I and accounts that I manage are long shares of SODI. I reserve the right to change my/our position(s) at any time. This is nothing more than my opinion. You should always do a ton of your own research before even contemplating anything that I say, do, write, or so much as think about.

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