Monday, June 25, 2012

Why We Blog...

Whopper Investments just put up a great post entitled "Looking to become a better investor? Start a Blog." I would argue that it doen't just make you a better investor, but also makes you a better writer. It also makes you smarter- I feel like when I link to an article and write down a few thoughts about it, I retain the information a bit better.

I for one, have improved a lot from my first post on this site (in regard to Dataram, no less!). I don't know if I am more shocked by how bad of a write up it was or that it was nearly 4 years ago!

Blogs are also a great way to share ideas, discuss them, and even be able to prod at management to do more to increase the value of a company. Take for example, the response to the article that Manhattan Bridge Capital issued once getting wind of Saj Karsan's post about related party transactions and such.

I certainly hope that everyone reading the article at Whopper will consider sharing their thoughts with the investment community. As with Whopper, I always like to link to other blogs that I like. :)

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I have no position in regard to any of the entities mentioned. I reserve the right to change my positions at any time. This post is my opinion. Always do a ton of your own research before even contemplating anything that I say, do, write, or so much as think about.

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