Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mango Capital: Redux.

A bit ago, I wrote about how it looked like Mango Capital sold off every asset that seemed to give it worth... Well, now they are using the proceeds of the sale to declare a dividend for an astounding 30 cents a share!

On the face of things, this is quite interesting, give that the share price had been significantly less in the not so distant past... today, the price jumped a ton on just a hair more than 3,000 shares trading hands:

However, I am a bit confused. I say this because as of the company's last filing with the SEC, they had debt that was substantial enough that it would have eliminated all of the proceeds of the sale of the intellectual assets. Given that the company openly admits in the press release that speaks of the dividend that they have no significant operations, one must wonder what has happened to or what is happening to the debt. In Nevada, the state where Mango is incorporated, it is illegal to declare a dividend that will put the company in a position to not pay it's creditors. The interesting thing, is that the creditors of the company, are related parties as of their last quarterly filing...

Now. This is all fine and dandy, but, the company is no longer filing with the SEC. Essentially, this means that we don't know if debt was eliminated, or if the company can legitimately pay the dividend. To me, this is a pretty tricky situation that isn't overly transparent. As such, caveat emptor.

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I have no position in regard for or against any of the entities mentioned. I reserve the right to change my positions at any time. This post is my opinion. Always do a ton of your own research before even contemplating anything that I say, do, write, or so much as think about.

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