Sunday, May 13, 2012

Eating Lobster.

One thing that will never cease to amaze me is how much something matters just because it's scarce. Here, we learn that a crustacean was spared a hot tub style death because it was rare. 

I for one, enjoy eating lobster. One of the best weeks of my life was spent in Maine, where, best I can tell, they eat lobster as frequently as we in Kentucky eat fried chicken... Anyway, I wouldn't think twice about eating virtually any lobster (so long as it was properly cooked), let alone just because it was calico. That said, if someone paid up for it, I would totally eat something else to spare it...

That said, maybe I could potentially be the guy who ate a tulip that was worth a ton of money, because he thought it was an onion (despite that I have read elsewhere that the story was likely made up).

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