Thursday, March 29, 2012



The lack of posts (and more specifically) the lack of returned emails have been due to me working 15+ hour days for majority of the past month on a single real estate deal that I was on contract to buy, but just exercised my right to void the contract on. Over the coming weeks, I will try to return all the emails that have been sent to me, post some new ideas that I am tossing around, and will even try to make a multi part post on the 125-126 unit apartment complex that I just walked away from. It has been a hell of a month and it should make for an interesting story that I think you value investors might find of interest.




Nate Tobik said...

I would be REALLY interested to hear about your real estate experience. 125 units is a big complex.

Josh said...

Looking forward to your update on the apartment complexes - sounds like an interesting experience =)