Monday, January 23, 2012

Rand Paul, Detention, & The TSA.

It's probably going to get me on some sort of watch/black list, but, the TSA really screwed up in their treatment of Rand Paul. They couldn't have picked a worse guy to do this to either... as he is one of the most articulate guys in the Senate and doesn't mind getting a lot of attention, I hope that Rand does a good job making changes to the messed up system that we have.

I wish that he would have been on his way to Washington for a vote... That would have brought up some interesting constitutional issues, as Senators can't be arrested on the way to a vote... granted, this was a form of detention and a touch different, but, still would have been interesting.

Oh, wait, the TSA doesn't give a shit about the constitution, as they treat us like criminals every time that we fly. Honestly, I am kind of upset that they don't trust the people of my state to elect officials that are not terrorists, who don't pose any sort of threat to national security...

God bless you, Rand Paul. We in Kentucky are privileged to have you representing us.


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EDIT: Here is a link to a opinion piece that Rand Paul wrote. It's pretty good and will likely get some traction.

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