Sunday, January 8, 2012


Due to a belief in not over diversifying and not finding many new stocks, I presently have a lack of new stock ideas that I feel worthy of an in depth post. Feel free to send some my way... The odder the better. It doesn't even have to be a long idea, a neutral or short position would be interesting as well.

If you have an investment thesis, send it my way, and if you want, I might put it up as a guest post! If you want to remain anonymous, that is just fine with me- Let me know.


Anonymous said...

NOOF? 1 price versus .83 in cash, EV/Rev = .09, BV= 2.06, profitable


Anonymous said...

How about ... SYTE


Anonymous said...


bigbadbakken said...

How about CPI Corp.? Ticker is CPY. They operate the photo studios inside of Sears stores as well as in WalMarts and other big box stores. The market is killing them this year, down from over 20 to just over $1.50 a share. A lot of problems in the company, but at this price, could be some value. I just started looking into them last night and don't have much to pass along. But I'd love another opinion.

David L said...

What do you think of the news on UWN today Jeff?

jeff said...

Thanks for the recommendations, I will take a look at them!

David: If you are referring to the Gaming License, I am somewhat surprised that the market is up on the news. To me, it was obvious that it was going to happen, as they have been talking about it for sometime, and even said (I think in my interview of Bob, actually) that it should be approved around the first of the year.

I have long thought that they would be getting management contracts, as well as probably doing an acquisition in Nevada, so, it doesn't really effect my valuation, but may shed some light on to the reasons why I have been so bullish on the stock. More so, it just solidifies what I have been thinking for a while.

What are your thoughts?

David L said...


I didn't understand the reaction of the stock either and was wondering whether there was something I was missing.

Anonymous said...

Btw, Supervalu - any latest thoughts there? I note those $10 Jan 2013 calls are down at 40 cents now.

No position in SVU.

Long UWN.

jeff said...

I still hold my calls on SVU. As you may remember, I made them as a really small bet, where if I lost, I lost a very small amount of my portfolio and if the stock did well, I would be sitting on a really nice return... This seemed like a good bet at the time, and hasn't done very well for me (obviously).

That said, I would be willing to make the bet again, provided that the right circumstance presented itself. Heck, I might even trade them for the January 2014s... They seem cheap enough for a SMALL bet.

I still think that SVU is cheap, and do own a touch of the common stock as well. I think that the market overreacted the other day... I didn't think results were THAT bad.