Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Future Of Education.

I am thoroughly convinced that things such as "The Floating University" should replace many of the concrete buildings that we use for our institutions of learning. From my own personal experience, I was held back due to lack of internet use- mainly, because it wasn't as extensive as it is today, and, even when it was, "teachers" were lambasting it as a way to learn. Additionally, a poor educational system in my state and not being able to learn what I wanted to didn't help out... A Floating University form of education would have been wonderful for people like me.

For example, I never got a degree in business, because of the ridiculous assumption that you need to take calculus or take 2 years worth of a foreign language (even if it is a dead one, such as ) to do well in the business world.

I needn't digress though, here is the video:

If you look around the site, there are snippets from the other courses. From what I read, these courses teach people how to think and learn on their own. Which is something that I my mind, Americans generally lack the ability to do, despite how easy it is to use Google search to figure things out...

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