Thursday, June 23, 2011

Undiscovered People.

Apparently, there are tribes of people that have not had contact with civilization... and it comes just when you think you know all about the world.

The Brazilian government says that it has spotted a previously unknown indigenous tribe in the western Amazon that does not appear to have ever had contact with modern civilization.

Satellite pictures taken earlier this year first alerted the government’s national Indian foundation, known as FUNAI, to the possible existence of the tribe, National Geographicreports. Researchers then conducted a series of flyovers in the spring to confirm the tribe’s existence.


Two years ago, veteran FUNAI researcher Jose Carlos Meirelles discovered a similarly uncontacted tribe. His photographs of painted men firing arrows at the airplane made their way around the world.

“When the Indians hear the airplane above, they usually run into the forest. That is why it’s so hard to photograph them,” Meirelles said in an interview.

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