Saturday, May 21, 2011

Another Reason Why My Senator Kicks Ass: Part 2

From here:

“We go week after week in the Senate and do nothing. I feel like sometimes I should return my check because I go up, they do no votes and no debate,” the freshman senator griped during an interview on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“We go up week to week, and there's no debate in Congress, no debate in the Senate. We sit idly by,” he continued.


But Paul told CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Obama is already in violation of the law.

“The War Powers Act says there's only three reasons a president can go to war: Declaration of war by Congress, authorization or force by Congress or imminent danger,” Paul said.

“He should have come to Congress, spoken to a joint session of Congress and said, I need the power to go to war, this is why, and explain to the people.”

Here is the video with Anderson Cooper: Senator Paul has needed to use parliamentary procedure to get control of the floor, just to get the bill addressed. Absolutely absurd. It seems that many of our legislators are to concerned with talking about the matters that effect our nation, for fear that they might say something that might come back and bite them in the ass someday.


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