Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Other People Are Looking At SYMS.

Here is a good article from contributor Michael Glikstein at gurufocus and here is a really in depth PDF file that his research company (G Asset Management) published.

To readers of this blog, the undervaluation of SYMS comes as no surprise, as much of the same research had already been published here, on RagnarIsAPirate... almost a month and a half ago!

The pickup in the volume of SYMS shares has been an interesting thing to watch.

EDIT: now says that SYMS is attractive as well (and, has historically), on a p/b ratio. I guarantee you that as far of the liquidation value of the assets alone go, Syms is by far the safest.

Disclosure: I am long SYMS. This is not advice of any kind. Always do a ton of your own research when so much as thinking about anything that I write, talk, or even think about doing.

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