Thursday, April 21, 2011

Apple is now big brother.

Apparently, Apple is using the new Iphone OS to track people...

Kinda gives their 1984 "Big Brotheresque" commercial a new meaning, right?

Given the familiar subject matter of my last post, I think we may be seeing the new generational divide emerging... I am guessing that I may be one of the last people who is very bothered by this sort of tracking, whereas future generations (people who are, say, in elementary school), will wonder why they wouldn't want their cell phone to keep track of them.

EDIT: It seems that this quote from this article gives my theory some traction:
"Autumn Bradfish, 20, of Lake Zurich, Ill., poses for a picture at the Iowa Memorial Union in Iowa City, Iowa. Bradfish said she had heard little about the reports of her location being collected on her iPhone and she said she was not particularly concerned about the practice. "If they use it just for ads, I don't see that as a problem. Facebook does that. If I'm going to have ads thrown at me, they might as well be relevant to my location."

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