Thursday, January 20, 2011

new blog.

One of my friends has started a new blog about art, fashion, and, above all, things that are pretty.

While it ain't about investing, you would be dumb to not check it out.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hyperinflation hurting the reasoning of kids.

A lesson from Zimbabwe. (And, yes. I do own a couple of 100 Trillion Dollar notes from there.)

B of A to pay a minuscule $3 billion.

Here, we see a good example of why I generally hate government intervention in the market place.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Value and market timing.

Here, we see that market timing can work, when doing so, based on supply and demand issues of said securities; which, all things said and told, is similar to the idea that buying newly spun off securities when the market is flooded with shares can do well for investors.

Another great example of supply demand issue of a security would be the unloading of VIFL shares when MDS Canada was selling like crazy.

Obviously, timing should only be used in price to value issues, but, these behavioral movements (based on something as simple as when people get paid) are certainly interesting to consider. Additionally, there is always the chance that terrible news could come out, and tank your investment, when exposed to a limited time's worth of holding. Whereas, these issues are more able to iron out over the long haul.

Disclosure: None. This is not investment advice. Always do a ton of your own research when doing anything that I talk, write, or think about.