Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Warren Buffett is wrong.

Here, we see a counter to Buffett's latest op-ed.

Thanks to sreenr and DCG for the links.

To me, the whole "give praise to the government for fixing the bubble popping" thing would be like me setting your house on fire, then, calling the fire department and helping them put it out with a garden hose... then, I use your checkbook (which I stole before dumping out the contents of 5 gas cans) to pay the water company with. After this, you would thank me for doing such a good job in keeping the fire from spreading to other houses, because I am an arsonist and don't have much experience in putting out fires, additionally, you would thank me for paying your bills for you.

Bottom line, you still don't have a house and I should be in jail.

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