Monday, September 13, 2010


Hey everyone... the lack of posting has been due to my cpu dying a few weeks ago. Basically, I have been running everything off of my phone. Hence, the lack of posting and capitalization in this post. It is amazing how little my life has been effected, thanks to my new (and second) android based device. Really, my it is the sole reason that I have yet to fix my computer (a decent wifi connection makes Google reader work wonderfully!). Who would have thought that would be the case even just a few years ago? Certainly, it wouldn't of been me!

Regardless, International Baler and Nevada Gold will be reporting earnings in the coming days. I am expecting some damned good results out of the both. I will try to do some commentary as soon as I have a full size keyboard at my disposal. ;)

Disclosure: long international baler and Nevada gold.

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