Friday, June 11, 2010

International Baler quarterly filing coming soon!

I thought that I would let you know that International Baler's earnings should be coming out by Monday evening. I look forward to reading it, and then typing out my thoughts.

In addition, I have plans to go and see the company's HQ/manufacturing facility in about 2 weeks. Pictures and notes will be posted.

EDIT: It will actually be Tuesday when earnings are released.


Robert Pio Molloy said...

I am probably the only other person on the planet who is as excited as you about the prospects of International Baler, and am certainly looking forward to your post.

With the company trading at 1/2 book value and having a decent cash balance, it would be nice if they were willing to entertain a small share buyback, although I wouldn't count on it.

Robert Pio Molloy said...

Thanks for your comment.

Between your post, and my post, I don't have a whole pile to add on International Baler.

I don't think it's entirely a risk-free play though, especially as nano-cap companies are always more susceptible to volatility and even bankruptcy than larger-caps.

I did recently notice this picture of their plant, and it certainly looks like it's substantially worth much more than what it's carried on the balance sheet for. I am no expert on the Jacksonville, Florida real estate market though.

Like I said, hopefully management could be pushed towards utilising the strength of the balance sheet to help realise intrinsic value of the company for shareholders.