Sunday, April 11, 2010


I have received a ton of emails asking me if I was in attendance of the SNS (now, Biglari Holdings) annual meeting and if I plan on posting my notes.

To answer: yes, and yes. I will be getting them up in the near future, and don't worry, it will be a long post.


Tony F. said...

Thanks in advance!

Trisco said...

Oh man, Music to my ears! Living just 1.5 hourse from Indy, I was particularly pissed when they moved the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, can't wait!

Not Telling said...

Look forward to your review of the annual meeting.

Anyone ask him why it couldnt be webcast for people unable to attend ?

What his his intent to do with the debentures ? Redeem as soon as possible or keep them out at 14% ?