Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ahhh... The crazies on Seeking Alpha.

One of the things that I get a real kick out of is when I get awesome comments on stuff I write. Thus far, my favorite came not long after my brief summary of the JSDA/REED merger:
obviously the author neither understands beverage industry nor does he know anything about REED other then the recent private placement. REED has gone wall to wall in distribuition and within last year ramped up private label mfg. both REED an JSDA specialize in cane sugar as an ingredient. REED will be able to cut mfg cost of JSDA. combining the two reduces advertising cost, mfg, distribuition, placement, and gives brand recognition to both. Hey TURD have you ever drank VIRGIL, or REED or do you even know their distribuition. using that TURD word lets me know you are part of the just say NO group and business never succeded with the TEA PARTY STYLE. i expect 400,000 followers of JSDA on facebook will embrace REED. similar product lines and REED will expand the distribuition of all JSDA products not just cane sugar soda. debt and liquidity is what all small business face. in fact without it there is no growth, its cash flow and demand that both REED and JSDA have. PEPSI, COKE, AND DR PEPPER may have knocked JSDA off of shelf space in WALMART but this is a new day. REED has KROGER nations largest grocer among strong distribuition nationwide. reason BUD and MILLER have hid in fake micro=brewery beers is same reason REED will now take market share. its about a superior product, cult following, distribuition, and mfg REED gets it.
It is almost as if this guy didn't read what I wrote... Certainly, this knocks all of the hate I got when I called Jim Cramer today's Mr. Market right out of the top spot for people leaving me angry comments. Somewhat ironically, I was criticized for using the word 'turd', when I didn't actually say it; I was quoting Charlie Munger- the number 2 at Berkshire and one of the better capital allocators to have graced the earth.

But really, I am sure that I have said some things on here which one of my readers has found stupid and/or incredibly offensive. If this happens in the future, leave a comment with a bunch of expletives or something... Not only do they generally make my day, but I also find quite a bit of humor in them! :)

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Will said...

I've caught myself wasting a lot of time reading those hilarious posts lately. My all time favorite stems from this article on SNS:
Damn the internets is entertaining.