Friday, February 26, 2010

Obama to McCain: screw you, buddy.

Classy, President Obama... classy. I must ask, though; who's the jackass now?

Disclosure: I have never cast a vote for either Senator McCain or President Obama.

EDIT: as Josh pointed out, McCain did make a (in my mind, pretty slight) criticism of Obama's campaign; I still think that the president looks pretty bad, especially when he implies that Americans care about getting a bill through that helps them, rather than one that is actually was done correctly. Well, maybe that is the case, but not for me, anyway; making exceptions or spending to get elected officials to vote for something should be called what it is... vote buying.

Here is the video of the whole thing:

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Joshua Wallis said...

That video didn't show the first several seconds when McCain made a criticism of Obama's campaign.

Also, expect to see a more stronger McCain (in terms of being more "right") during the next year. He has a far right competitor in his home stay of Arizona "JD Hayworth" who might take his seat in the Senate.