Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ken Peak Interview.

My favorite snippet from the Motley Fool interview:

TS: I know you also wanted to discuss the current interest rate environment. Who benefits here, who gets hurt, and what are you doing at Contango to make the best of this situation?

KP: Contango is currently investing $75 million in overnight T-bills and earning one (1) basis point or .0001. That means in 12 months we will have earned a whopping $7,500. We're losing money on this investment after inflation and taxes. In short, the prudent savers in our society continue to subsidize the big banks that bet too much on financial instruments they didn't understand, homeowners who lied about their net worth and thought their houses were ATMs, and our federal government, which is fiscally and monetarily dysfunctional and determined to print us into poverty. It's like the parable we learned as school children except that we've decided to punish the ants and reward the grasshoppers.

Disclosure: Long Contango (MCF). This is not investment advice, always do your own research before doing anything.

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