Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rand and Trey... an update.

The newest poll has Rand Paul edging out a win over Trey Grayson by a mere 19 points... WOW. This looks really good. Heck, even one of my staunchly anti-republican friends has registered as a Republican so that he can vote for Rand in the primary.

Meanwhile, Paul continues to go on shows and campaign like crazy; in the linked example, quite literally, on the other end of the state, in a super small town. He is also accepting any debate that is thrown his way. Meanwhile Trey Grayson is sending out family Christmas cards that celebrate horses and tweets about Coach Cal and UK's basketball team getting 2000 wins...

It will be interesting to see what Mitch McConnell does after seeing this poll.

Disclosure: Long Rand Paul for US Senate. :)

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