Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Rand Paul and Trey Grayson in Stalker Gate.

Trey Grayson (the former front runner who was supported by Mitch McConnell) has to be sweating bullets, after Rand Paul is now the front runner in the KY 2010 Senate Race.

Regardlss, here is a video, where it seems that Trey Grayson still can't get enough of Rand Paul. Somewhat ironically, I attended this event with my friend (and now, fellow blogger) Mike; it should be noted that Trey Grayson didn't bother to drive a measly 1/2 hour to come to an event (that received a decent amount of press coverage) so that he could share his views on various issues with his constituents... Rand Paul, on the other hand, drove 2 1/2 hours- just to get there!

Another note of interest: Trey Grayson talked to the crowd via speaker phone for a few minutes. At the end of said speaking, he "wanted to give a shout out" to some students that apparently went to the same high school that he did- ironically, the student said that they had never met the guy and seemed surprised (if not embarrassed) that he even mentioned it. Go to 2:05 to see the creepy clip.

Strange... but regardless, the plot gets even thicker in 'Stalker Gate'.

Here are the 2 videos of Rand speaking:


mkennard said...
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mkennard said...

HAHA, well you called it. There would be videos of his "interview" up within a day.

Two things disappointed me about this whole thing though...

1.) His lack of giving a proper excuse as to why he couldn't make it (along with the other two front-running Dems). Instead he used some cheap gimmick to put a funny spin on things.

2.) I kinda saw the "rehearsed" nature of the phone call and the allotted time given to Grayson as being a smack in the face to those who did show up. They drove from all over the state and and spent time with the students yet instead of offering a little statement hey chewed up the time.

Oh Rand is going to be back in Lexington next Saturday if interested?