Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Awareness Of What You May Not See.

After you watch this, I think that you will figure out why I posted it... at least, if you have 1/2 a brain about you. And by the way- I hate cyclists.

The one thing that is truely non-partisan

Apparently, bitching about your political opposition is the only thing that is truly non-partisan.


Don't get me wrong, yelling 'You LIE!' at the President is pretty uncouth, however, implying that the guy is a racist is pretty big stretch (I had previously thought that we had moved past the issue of race in politics).

Personally, I think that more outbursts of the 'you lie' nature would make our legislative bodies run a bit more like the chaotic House of Commons... This would certainly make our elected representatives' concerted efforts to run our country into the ground a bit more entertaining to watch. :)


Now, Jimmy Carter feels the need to speak out:

Now, are we gonna say that the people that did any of the following pictures of George Bush were terrible racists? No, because that would be absurd. George Bush was no doubt a big government d-bag, whereas Obama is a big government d-bag, but, one that is at least relatively honest about being for big government.

Fortunet Finally At A Valuation That Makes Sense.

Fortunet has been a stock on my radar for quite sometime; which, shouldn't be a surprise, since I am a well known sucker for companies that can be bought for less than their cash minus all liabilities. In March, this was the certainly the case, but since there were other companies that I was more impressed with, never bought into the company. After FNET paying out a massive dividend, the share price fell to just over a dollar and hasn't really moved since. I personally never understood the valuation, as their ability to seemingly print money held up quite well during the recession, coupled with their board feeling confident enough in the business to distribute 2.50 a share in cash.

Today, it seems that FNET can effectively be taken off of my radar, as it is at a valuation that makes some level of sense... and on no news, at that! It isn't that stuff of this nature never occurs with nano-caps, but, this is certainly weird. The entire float of the company has changed hands almost 3 times, despite there being an hour left in the trading day. I look forward to hearing why this happened; regardless of if it some sort of manipulation or takeover attempt.

Disclosure: This is not investment advice. Unfortunately, I never owned shares of FNET (which shows what I know!) :(