Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rand Paul's Chance

The first poll numbers for the 2010 Kentucky Senate race came out... Rand Paul is doing quite well, too. If the general election were held today, he would literally be in a dead heat with our popular Lt. Governor, who almost beat Jim Bunning 5 years ago.

On another note, thus far, Rand has raised well over $300K in today's money bomb in honor of Ron's birthday... Total, he has raised well over 1/2 a million bucks-not bad for a guy that is a virtual unknown to the political establishment, who has only been officially in the race for about a month. With the primary in about 9 months and the general election a little over a year away, this is a great start.

You guys would be crazy to not go to www.randpaul2010.com and donate!


Jacob said...

Hi Jeff,
I was doing some research on SNS today and I came across your blog. I really like the content I've read so far (10 postings or so). We have a lot in common-- both value investing and libertarianism as an intellectual framework. I wanted to make sure that you've stumbled on to and read the viewpoints of the Austrian School Economists like Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, & Hazlitt. I'm no doubt preaching to the choir here, but www.mises.org is a fabulous resource for all things Austrian. It doesn't always fit with the value investing ideology (lots of gold bugs there-- I too see a bubble and consider gold a speculative trade as defined by Graham).
There are a few other people I'd make sure to check out if you haven't already:
* Jim Grant of Grant's Interest Rate Observer == probably one of the top brains I'd like to pick over lunch if I had my choice. "Mr. Market Miscalculates" is very informative and entertaining.
* Chris Leithner == Australian fund manager who's both value and Austrian. His newsletters are always good reads.

PS- Great blog title.

Jeff Moore said...

thanks for the kind words. shoot me an email sometime and we'll talk stocks!