Friday, August 7, 2009

Jeff Macke: Pay Up.

Yesterday, I won my bet with Jeff Macke in a mere 4.5 months. In a dispute on, he bet a dinner that SHLD would trade in the single digits before it doubled in price... I, along with a minyanville user with the handle "SAM C" accepted the bet. SHLD doubled and is presently well above the $74 dollar mark (and still below book value).

To give a little background info on the situation, Macke made some un-researched and/or false claims about SHLD (and more specifically, Eddie Lampert taking billions out of the company) and then changed the claims without calling attention to the fact that he screwed up. I highlighted the errors and changes (which, I assume were due in part to me, since my write up was picked up by Seeking Alpha) here and here.

I have no idea if Macke will actually make good on his bet, but, I will coincidentally be in NYC for the Western Sizzlin' shareholder's meeting this week. I think that it would be a good time for Jeff to pay up on his lost bet; especially if he is in the city... BTW, I will also be posting my notes from the WEST meeting (Noise Free Investing will also be posting notes on their site).

Jeff, please don't welch out on me. :D


Kapil said...

So did Macke pay up ?

Jeff Moore said...

haven't heard from him... :(