Monday, June 29, 2009

Is Global Warming a Swindle?

I watched this video (on DVD) about a year ago and found it pretty interesting. However, I just found a link to the YouTube video on The Humble Libertarian's site. Basically, The Great Global Warming Swindle suggests that man made global warming is a lie. Personally, I am not gonna throw out my views on climate change since about everything that could be said, has been. This post is meant to share an interesting video series and to expand horizons (regardless of if there is truth contained or not).

I will say these 3 tongue in cheek things:

1) If climate change is as bad as predicted, then I will be a few hours closer to the beach when I am on the verge of being senile... which wouldn't be bad at all.

2) If climate change is a myth, then I guess the world won't be going to hell in a hand basket and my gas guzzling truck will skyrocket in price since we are quickly approaching a time when it will be impossible to buy a new vehicle that has any real amount of power (due to fuel efficiency standards). I'd be pretty happy with having a vehicle that wouldn't be depreciating in value anymore!

3) My brother is convinced that the flock to green energy is going to create and be the next big bubble... and I'm not convinced that he isn't right. For example, FSLR has tanked in the past bit; though, the effects of any said energy bubble may be lessened by tightening credit. After all, the alternative energy markets have tanked and it is getting even harder to build power plants without tons of money to be lent.

Regardless, in any of the 3 scenarios, I should do pretty well. :-)

The whole thing is 8 parts and is well worth your while (particularly to serve as a balance to An Inconvenient Truth)... crack open a beer, prop up your feet, and get ready for the epitome of contrary thinking.

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