Wednesday, June 10, 2009

God Bless The Fed.

Here is a good article on the Federal Reserve allegedly threatening oust Ken Lewis if he didn't go through with the Merrill acquisition. This is about as ridiculous as TARP, the bail out of the autos (and subsequent forced sale to Fiat), and the government propping up AIG. It is like we are living in China.

On a related note, I am reading the book Gold by Nathan Lewis. It, combined with the devaluation of our currency and articles such as the one I just posted, are making me more in favor of a non-fiat currency. Given that I am reviewing the book, I will be doing a pretty detailed post on it in the coming weeks-along with several others.

On that note, if anyone reading this wants me to review their books, I will be more than willing to (just email me)!

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