Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rand Paul

I am sure that it comes to you as no surprise (if you have read this blog for very long) that I am a fan of Rand Paul (Ron Paul's son)... I figured that I would take a break from posting value investing stuff to throw out his name to you all and to take the time to say that I am gonna be donating as part of June 1st 'money bomb'.

In a nutshell, Rand is going to run for Jim Bunning's US Senate seat, should Bunning not run for re-election (which, it doesn't look as if he will). Paul, like his father is pretty anti-government and really pro-freedom. If elected, he would certainly be a great voice for liberty and even better to have in office. It seems to me that the 'Campaign for Liberty' will help him fund raise, but still... we need to get him some real press-and NOW!

If you like the following videos (which I got to see in person) and want to donate money to a principled candidate that actually has a chance of winning, give him some money-even if it is just $20 bucks. I am sure that it will pay better dividends than your favorite stock. It may come as a shock to you that if there is a 3 way race in the primary, Paul could feasibly win with only 30,000 votes. In the general election, he will probably be running against our Lt. Governor (who is a total jack ass.)


Zach said...

Will do Jeff, keep us updated on his progress and anything else we can do!

W. E. Messamore said...

Thanks for supporting this! These are exciting times to live. I believe we might very well get this man to run and win. Two Dr. Pauls in Congress will rock my world!

Joshua Wallis said...

Did Ron Paul name his son after Ayn Rand? Pretty damn cool if he did.

Ron Paul is a great guy and if Rand Paul takes after his father, I'm sure he will do terrific.

The idea of less government is interesting. In Taiwan, there is universal health care, effective mass transit, highly affordable education and the streets are amazingly safe. To top it off, it is done with less tax dollars than the US.

So why can Taiwan get their crap together but the US can't?

There are probably dozens of factors for this, but I find this one the most interesting in relation to the US. In Taiwan, intelligent/hard working people go into the private sector and the government. In the US, intelligent/hard working people go into the private sector but hardly go into the government.

The US government has an enormous brain drain. Since the US government faces a brain drain it does a poor job. Since it does a poor job, people us it as proof of the ineffectiveness of government. So when intelligent/hardworking people go looking for a career they don't want to end up with an ineffective career in government but a better career in the private sector.

I wonder if the US government would be different if they did what Singapore does. Offer the best and brightest full ride scholarships to the world's best universities than say you have to work in government for the next 5 years. Singapore puts these people on the fast track, and look at Singapore today. Singapore is considered one of the most capitalistic governments in the world. They have some of the best heath care with the cheapest cost.

I hope Rand Paul gets elected. It would be great having him in the Senate.

Jeff Moore said...

Even if the government did an effective job providing services, it still wouldn't be a very good thing. I say this because, they still have to coerce people to get virtually anything done (eminent domain, for example) and thus, make us less free.

Freedom isn't great because it is efficient, freedom is great because it is just that-free.