Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rand Paul, again.

I just found out that if Rand Paul raises a significant amount of money (say, a million bucks?), he will challenge Jim Bunning for his Senate seat. This in contrast to him saying previously that he would only run if Jim Bunning didn't. As I said before, he is a very viable candidate... heck, if he just gets the votes his dad got (at a point when it was more than obvious he wouldn't win) in my state's Presidential Primary, he will be well on his way out of the primary and onto the general election!

Read the fund raising article here.

Read up on the guy, watch his YouTube videos, like him, and then donate...

Seriously, folks, it would be crazy for you to not donate to Rand's campaign! I am sure that a small investment in the guy will pay huge dividends :-)

EDIT 06.01.09:

I am pretty sure that I am on some sort of list now... ;-)

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