Monday, May 31, 2010

Advancing Technology, Plastics, Global Warming, and Our Great Grandkids.

Historically, on this blog, I have not talked about future events (other than inflation) too much, as they are pretty hard to predict. This evening, I think that I will make an exception, as I am making what I will refer to as a 'counter prediction'.

Using one of my favorite websites;, I found 2 rather interesting articles. The first was about technological predictions that didn't come true. The second, was about a high schooler that discovered some microbes that eat plastics. Frankly, it seems that we tend to overstate what we think we know, and then come up with some really cool things, that blow our minds. If there is any truth to these plastic eating microbes, it would dispel what I learned in school about plastic being with us for what might as well be forever, accumulating in the Pacific.

Tying these 3 things together, it seems to me that when faced with total annihilation that climate change that Al Gore seems to think we face, we will be able to figure out some way to cool the planet down. If not, then we melt the ice caps, loose some land to the ocean, and my descendants (which, if my ancestry is a predictor of the future, should live in roughly the same area I do), will be a few hours closer to the beach... all while having the use of cheap fossil fuels and warmer weather. It seems like a win-win to me! ;)

Having yet to read Super Freakonomics, I am looking forward to hearing what they say about climate change- I hear that they present an overly simple way to fix the problem.

As always, partly serious, but mostly in jest.

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