Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Value investing with the principles of an Austrian

Here is a great write up on how value investing matches up with Austrian School economics. I must say, it summed up a lot of 'thinkings' that I have had but not put in to writing.

There are some conclusions that are, in my opinion, incorrectly drawn (mainly surrounding Warren Buffett), but none the less, are interesting and quite informative to read.

Justifications for markets not being in equilibrium spoke to me the most.

Disclosure:I am sympathetic to the thinking of the Austrian School of Economics-big surprise there! ;-)


Miguel Barbosa said...

Hi Ragnar,

I'm a huge fan of the blog. I posted the same document in September. I'm happy you also touched on it :)

Lets chat via email sometime.
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mark Stock P said...

thanks for putting that up