Monday, March 23, 2009

A Good Anti-Coercion Post

Here is a good video about 'card check' unionization legislation... Kathy Gornick (speaking roughly 45 minutes in to the video) is a person that I am loosely associated with through the Bluegrass Institute for Public Policy Solutions and

Obviously, I think that people associating with who they want is A-OK. However, the idea that a simple majority can dictate what other workers do, especially through a non-secret ballot-seems pretty absurd.

On a personal note, I once had to deal with a union that didn't represent me, when I worked at Kroger (KR) a few years ago. When I came to Lexington for college, I broke union rules by asking to NOT take an unpaid lunch break; this was so I could stay on the clock longer and make more money. Had the union found out about this, problems could have arose. Ironically, when union members would sit in the break room for 1/2 an hour past their 15 minute break, nothing ever came up...

Maybe I am a bit jaded, but I think that unions generally detract from economic viability... Surely GM, Ford, and Chrysler only bolster my arguments.


Tariq said...

I think that in some cases, unions can work, but there has to be a real economic incentive for it.

I remember reading about Poland (I think) in one of my old comparative economics courses, and over there, the unions were actually large shareholders of the business.

I think that this sort of arrangement helps prevent unions from simply antagonizing and inhibiting progress.

Sam Walton and Howard Schultz also preached this idea of working without unions but creating environments of motivated employees through employee stock ownership plans and in Schultz' case -- making the company responsive to problems. This could work too I think.

Obviously there should be some medium, I think some form of worker organization is necessary to protect against certain abuses of power (a la The Jungle)

Jeff said...

I completely agree, unions can serve a good purpose, provided that a worker is not forced to be in one, which is how many states laws read.

Anonymous said...

Great video! Scary

Unfortunately I’m from NY and unions have destroyed my city and state.

The state and city is on its way to bankruptcy even with all the tarp money. It’s the Union pensions that have driven us to the brink. Even NYC Bloomberg has recently stated the pensions are out of control. The yearly pension’s costs will soon be larger than the annual active salary costs. Add in medical benefits for life.

Unions destroy jobs, creativity and wealth. Those that are not part of the corruption (unions) are paying for the egregious benefits by working for less money and benefits in the private sector to subsidize the job destroying union members.