Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rick Santelli is my hero.
(I think that this one is a bit better of a site) :-)

I got the above site from this article on Seeking Alpha. I won't add any of my usual banter to the conversation, since about everything that could of been said, has.

Well, actually, that's a lie... I will say this: Robert Gibbs is a jackass, whereas Rick Santelli is an awesome guy.

Really-which of these makes more sense to you? I'll give you a hint... One of the videos has a higher rating on youtube. Being the good capitalists we are, we must let the market decide!

Rick: The Patriot

Big Brother: Bashing the media

The Patriot's response

I really hope that the Chicago Tea Party is a huge success- I plan on being there. I look forward to the exchanges that happen in the coming days in this clash of titans (or Titanics). :-(


Anonymous said...

too bad those floor traders are the product of "socialism" or job subsidization

Jeff said...

true... they must loathe themselves.

shadowstock said...


this work is so important!!! Thanks.

I will do my part by passing this along and educating when possible.

I've seen first hand the power of milton friedman's free market ideas remove corruption and take millions out of poverty, increase life expectancy, erase illiteracy and countless other quality of life changes. Privatization and competition took Chile from the poorest to wealthiest country in Latin America.