Saturday, January 24, 2009

01.26.09 Festival of Stocks

As the host of The Festival of Stocks for this week (the 125th week, mind you), I had the privilege to read a bunch of articles, and select the ones that were (in my opinion) the best... I was really happy to get a ton of submissions, and as a result, now have a few more blogs to add to my daily reading!

Here are the write ups that spoke to me the most. (-:

1) As I am a sucker for nano sized companies with a pile of cash and little debt... Old School Value wrote about an arbitrage situation with Emageon.

2) Magic Diligence takes a pass on Deluxe (the company that I get checks from!)

3) There was a great rating and review of online brokerages at Money Blue Book. Upon reading it, one brokerage really caught my attention. Zecco. There was a separate review of them at Cash Money Life, which upon reading, has me investigating if I should transfer all of my funds to their hands. If any of you all have experience with them, or knowledge about them, drop me a line!

4) At Dividends Value, they did a write up on Cullen/Frost Bankers; a bank that actually turned down TARP money!

5) The Intelligent Speculator analyzes Valueclick.

6) College Analysts do a book review on a movie that I have been wanting to watch for a while; I.O.U.S.A.

7) talks about the very important issue of 401K and IRA funding limits... HINT! If you have yet to fund yours, click over to your online brokerage account and do it!

Next weeks festival will be at what is currently an undisclosed location, so it may well be here again. If you are interested in hosting, go here for more info.

BTW- I am gonna take this time to bump my somewhat satrical write up on what the government should have done with all of the bailout money... buy 1/3 of the nation's housing and demolished it. Check it out.

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Jae Jun said...

Thanks for hosting and selecting my arbitrage article!

Dividends4Life said...

Thanks for hosting this week's Festival and including my analysis of Cullen/Frost Bankers.

Best Wishes,