Sunday, November 2, 2008

This Election Day

Instead of giving you some sort of article on investment ideas, I am going to write a somewhat backhanded post on the upcoming election.

My take on recent developments: it seems rather evident that Barack, and his brand of Obamunism are going to take the executive branch of government, there is also a strong chance that the Democrats will have a filibuster proof majority in the legislative branch. Heck, here in my home state of Kentucky, there is a "conservative" like Mitch McConnell that is facing a race that is too close for comfort; and this is a guy that is not only the minority leader, but one that has openly bragged about bring home $500 million in pork.

While this is innately bad for all things that are government and fiscally sound, does anyone think that the Republicans don't deserve to be kicked out of office for stabbing their principles in the back? Sure, the Democrats will go on a Keynesian spending spree and socialize medicine, but I seriously doubt that they will be able to hang on to power for long. Not to say that everything that they do will be bad-I certainly hope that they get rid of the Patriot Act...

Regardless, here are my plans for election day:
10:30 AM- Wake up/eat breakfast/shower/read web articles
1:30 PM- Throw away my very principled vote on Bob Barr
2:00 PM- Start drinking to lessen the sting of defeat
7:00 PM- Pizza and beer at my brothers/watch election returns
10:00 PM- Accept the defeat of Bob Barr, and go to the bars.

The day after:
8:00 AM- Go to jury duty with virtually no sleep, a hangover, and a mindset that is ready for socialized medicine.

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