Friday, November 7, 2008

SNS Investor's Day

If anyone is gonna go to the Steak n' Shake Investor's Day, drop me a line and we can talk stocks before/after the meeting.

Also, I am planning on writing some articles on value traps, so if you know of any good historic examples or current ones, suggestions would be helpful! Obviously, I am gonna be looking at some Buffett blunders as well as some of my own and others; USair, Pier One, Express Jet, and a few of the banks that have gone belly up.


Mark Perkins said...

I guess you could call ETLTQ a value trap. If you search my site in the right hand corner for ETLT you'll see all the fundamental analysis i did on them. They were selling for sub-cash last year and were profitable with good net income and growing free cash flow if you can believe that being sub-cash! About every deep value investor has owned this stock and gotten burned at least once. I know a couple other guys that owned it. Revenue growth was good. I didn't do enough qualitative analysis. stock is down from $.80 or higher to $.11

john said...

pinnacle airlines was one that mohnish pabrai got stuck in a while back.

Mark said...

Sirius was a value trap. So was Delta Financial. Pabrai invested it and so did I and the company went under.